GPS Labs & Development

A feature of our in-house creative capacity is website design and campaign tool development.

Our websites utilize an easy-to-navigate WordPress hosting solution and are built on a selection of mobile-optimized templates that are built quickly and charged at a flat fee. Our labs and development team develops campaign tools and solutions to ease campaign approaches to texting, supporter acquisition and analysis, fundraising optimization, advanced analytics, dynamic landing page testing and more.

Our designers and developers are familiar with all the major platforms available in this space (NGP, Blue State Digital and NationBuilder) as well as popular platforms used in more traditional organizations.

GPS Labs develops customized applications to meet new challenges. We recently launched a mobile app to help clients leverage their volunteer organizing networks for voter registration and mobilization, an app to facilitate rapid delivery of video via text message, and online organizing tools to maximize clients’ fundraising outreach and expand donor networks. Our customizable dashboards track media performance, fundraising goals and up to the minute status of voter registration and early vote data.