Date: May 24, 2023

Ninety-nine men have been mayor of Philadelphia, but not the hundredth. Congratulations to GPS Impact client Cherelle Parker on her history-making win.

We knew voters needed to hear Cherelle’s story – one of perseverance and grit that would resonate with many Philadelphians.

Our campaign didn’t have the millions of dollars other candidates did, so we targeted our advertising uniquely and smartly – and leveraged programs watched by those most likely to vote for our candidate in the Democratic primary.

We also spoke to the unique problems Philadelphia faces and outlined Cherelle’s solutions.

Cherelle also enjoyed endorsement from major Philadelphia politicians and unions, which we promoted to relevant constituencies.

Philadelphia voters were looking for a mayor who understands their struggles, has plans to keep them safe, and is committed to ensuring prosperity for every Philadelphian. When Election Day came, they knew that was Cherelle Parker. 

While polling consistently showed a choked race, Cherelle’s victory was convincing. Cherelle Parker won 56% of votes in majority-Black precincts, amassing an insurmountable lead while also performing strongly with Latino voters and in Northeast Philadelphia. Her story and sensible approach built a winning coalition that delivered a nearly 10-point victory.