Strategic Communications

We cut our teeth in fast-paced, high-pressure media environments, from statewide and presidential campaigns to the White House. By combining decades of strategic communications experience with cutting-edge digital tools and unmatched creative talent, GPS develops and executes integrated solutions that get results.

If you want to break through the noise in a crowded landscape and a constantly changing news cycle, relying on traditional earned media isn’t enough. You need fresh and creative content on social media and a digital advertising strategy that reaches your audiences on the platforms where they spend their time. In a media environment that is more fragmented than ever, we know how to break through.

Whether you’re looking to boost your organization’s brand, influence decision-makers on an issue, shift the narrative in the media, or mobilize your supporters to action, GPS Impact can develop the customized solution you need to move the needle and get results.

  • Message Development
  • Branding & Creative
  • Earned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Rapid Response
  • Social Media