Expanding the electorate is often key to success on Election Day, but in 2020 the coronavirus pandemic created severe limitations on voter registration and voter mobilization programs.
GPS Impact used integrated digital advertising tactics to help the Iowa Democratic Party expand their electorate through voter registration.

Iowa Democratic Party Results


Iowa makes it incredibly difficult for voters to register online, which meant offline organizing had to be part of the process. Targeting a first-party list of unregistered voters, we used social media advertising to generate leads for organizers on the ground. The ads encouraged people to sign up to express their interest in registering to vote, and organizers would then follow up to help them complete the registration process offline.

We tested official-looking, less-partisan ads against a more partisan approach, and found that official-looking creative was always the top performing creative.

Additionally, we used Google search campaigns to capture information seekers searching for information on voter registration, driving information seekers to the same lead generation landing page as the social media ads.